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    MopScoop - The solution for your daily work in a clean room.

  • Single-use or multi-use?

    The solution - a comparison of both cleaning concepts

  • Cleanliness is in the detail

    PPS cleanroom products for a reproducible
    and validatable cleanroom cleaning.

  • PPS MopSafe concept

    Avoidance of cross-contamination
    through process-reliable work.

  • EasyMop

    Impregnation system with boxes for a contactless, safe
    and reproducible pre-preparation of mop covers.

  • Clino® Couture

    The trolley individualisation programme
    for customised solutions.

  • PPS Hospital

    Hygienical Security with the PPS
    Products for the health care sector.

  • PPS Industry

    More efficiency, ergonomics and optimal results:
    PPS products ensure proper everyday cleaning.




  • PPS Cleanroom

    Cleaning and disinfection systems
    for an effective contamination control.




  • PPSC

    Saving ressources: Sustainable cleaning
    systems for professional operators.

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PPS Events

  • The highlight for cleanroom and pharma process technology from January 28th until Januray 30th 2020 located in Karlsruhe.

  • The highlight for cleanroom and pharma process technology from January 28th until Januray 30th 2020 located in Karlsruhe.

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    Products & Highlights

    • Isolator cleaner IsoClean

      The cleanroom-compatible mini mop system for safety cabinets and isolators

    • MopScoop

      The sophisticated dosing system for disposable and reusable wiping covers

    • OneWay disposable mop covers

      Cleanroom wiping textiles for disposable use

    • MopDrop Protect

      Non-contact mop ejection with lid

    • MopSafe concept

      Effective prevention of cross-contamination

    • Clino Synchro Hybrid

      The new clean room mop holder made of high-quality stainless steel and plastics

    • Clino Synchro CR

      The new cleanroom mop holder made of high-quality plastics

    • Clino Synchro

      The new mop holder for hygienically sensitive areas

    PPS Technology at use in the core areas of manual cleaning

    • PPS Hospital

      Hygienic cleanliness and efficiently designed work processes – from the university clinic to the small nursing home, our cleaning solutions for the healthcare industry offer the highest level of hygienic safety with maximal flexibility.


    • PPS Industry

      The manual cleaning in Facility Management holds numerous requirements. The PPS solutions for the industrial facility cleaning ensure more efficiency, correct ergonomic processes and excellent cleaning results.


    • PPS Cleanroom

      For over 15 years, we have been accepting the challenges of manual cleaning: The development of cleanroom cleaning solutions. The pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductors and medical technology industries count on our products.


    • PPSC

      Efficiently using resources is an important task. We have introduced a sustainable product line to the market – a product line that minimises the use of water and electricity and whose textiles have been certified by Nordic Swan.

    PPS - this makes us unique

    • Planning and

      Based on our internally developed PPS system cycle, our specialist internal and field sales employees analyse your requirements in order to develop the most optimal system solution.

    • Engineering

      Using the most modern 3D construction software, we can depict just about any design solution that you can hink of – even solutions that have been aligned to meet your specific needs.

    • Flexible

      Through the experience and high level of qualification, our metal, plastic, and textile specialists are able to quickly implement your requirements – even if this requires individualisation.

    • Quality

      All of our products are manufactured using our own machines and tools. For over 20 years we have been implementing a QMS based on ISO 9001 ff internally and for your products. 

    • 10-year guarantee

      We support the durability of our systems by guaranteeing replacement parts availability as well as a complete renewal service for stainless steel trolleys that are up to 20 years old.

    • Speed

      You have to react quickly and – if possible – immediately equip a new object? No problem: If required, we will also deliver large-scale machinery within a short period of time.

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