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About us

The Clino® Way

Time and again we are asked what exactly it is that we do at PPS. When all is said and done, it is quite easy. We develop, manufacture and sell tools. Tools for the industrial cleaning trade. Whether in offices, industrial buildings, institutions such as hospitals or nursing homes, cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical industries or in production rooms in the semiconductor industry. Contamination must be removed and hygienic standards must be maintained. 

Every day, well-trained experts ensure that this happens: the industrial cleaners. 

We strive to provide our tradesmen with the most optimal tools available. In doing so, we always develop, conceptualise and manufacture our solutions ourselves and rely on our many years of experience, we also rely on studies and on the feedback provided by our customers. We always take the time to ask: How can an industrial cleaning employee perform his or her job more quickly, effectively and more easily in order to attain or exceed the desired results? 

Our managing director is an industrial cleaning master craftsman himself and would never allow a product to "trickle through" if it wasn't able to meet the required standards in the daily, practical use and if it did not offer significant advantages.

We are a full-service provider for our clients. Innovative system technology, intelligent process development as well as high-tech textile quality are harmoniously interconnected with ecological aspects and close customer contact. PPS stands for manual cleaning equipment, and for manual cleaning technology for professional users. We are your partner for the manufacturing of cleanroom cleaning systems of all classifications, public and industrial buildings as well as hospitals. Our idea, our product world and our high demand for quality – stemming from our experience, expertise, an eye for details, forward thinking – they are all summarised under the term the Clino® way.

Our the Clino® way means

  • Specialised knowledge in order to be able to meet all potential requirements in the area of building and surface cleaning
  • Advanced technology by making significant and ongoing investments in research and development
  • Specialist knowledge as well as the highest level of quality demand, know-how and motivation of the employees
  • No standard market components but only self-developed parts
  • A modular system perfected in 30 years of work
  • An advanced manufacturing method
  • A clear understanding regarding institutionally certified products
  • Full service to the customer
  • Sustainable actions, whether within the scope of business decisions or manufacturing as well as
  • A 10-year replacement parts guarantee for all products


Our product range includes:

  • Professional, certified cleanroom cleaning systems
  • Hygienic systems for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Systems suited for industry as well as systems for the cleaning of offices and school buildings 
  • Development and manufacturing of sustainable cleaning concepts
  • Cleaning trolley available in frame construction
  • Trolleys made of stainless steel for higher hygienical security
  • Individual cleaning trolley design
  • Mop frames
  • Mop covers
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Cleaning systems for hotels and shops

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