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Certificates & Awards

Always on the lookout for excellent quality

At Pfennig, quality has a long-standing tradition. It is always important to have a comprehensive view of things: for us, for our customers, and for our products. We do this so that we do not overlook anything and so that we can continue to work on making improvements. It is an incentive and a matter of course for us to continue delivering top-quality cleaning systems and cleaning textiles to our customers.

At PPS, quality means:

  • Since 1994, TÜV-certified (German technical inspection association) quality management as per ISO 9001.
  • Continuously ongoing advancements made to reflect the latest technological developments.
  • Optimisation of all existing products
  • We have a 10-year spare-parts availability guarantee
  • Functional tests of all products prior to market launch
  • The most modern technical equipment
  • Testing and certification through independent and recognised institutions

It is extremely important that we have our products, our materials, our services as well as ourselves tested and certified. We want to be able to deliver documented proof of our high-quality products and services to you as our customer and partner. Only through these certifications will we be able to ensure and guarantee this high level of quality in the long run.

Nordic environmental seal

The Nordic environmental seal may only be carried by certified products, namely:

  • Those products whose entire manufacturing and application process poses as little harm to the environment as possible.
  • Those products that are the best in their class.
  • Those products that protect the health of their customers.
  • Those products that are defined by a high level of quality.


Our PPSC MicroTec mop cover and the PPSC MicroUltra Microfibre cloth have been awarded with the Nordic environmental seal. With this award, these products prove their highest degree of environmental quality.

Fraunhofer IPA

The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Technology and Automation IPA is the central research and testing institution for process technologies – for medical and bio technologies as well. For the safety in terms of cleanliness or purity in cleanrooms, Fraunhofer IPA has developed testing methods that are aligned to national and international standards. Our most important cleanroom products have been distinguished as "TESTED DEVICES". The following products have received this valuable and recognised certification:

  • EasyMop GMP Systembox
  • MopFloat GMP
  • Gasket SILPURAN 600/70 Sealing ring for system box
  • Clino CR system trolley
  • King GMP Cleanroom mop
  • MicroSicuro CR/A Cleanroom mop
  • King CR Wiper Mop S

Credit rating seal

We have always thought and acted in a sustainable manner. As a medium-sized corporation, we want to remain sustainable in order to be able to guarantee security to our customers, partners and employees. It is crystal clear that we will not unnecessarily burden the lives of future generations and we want to remain a reliable partner to the region. Therefore we are happy that various ranking companies have already awarded the company with top marks several times.

Dr. Brill Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology

As one of the few institutes in Europe, Dr. Brill can conduct high-quality effectiveness tests against viruses, bacteriophages, bacteria, mildews, micro-bacteria and bacteria spores.

We had our cleanroom mop covers and cleanroom microfibre cloths tested and certified by an independent institution in terms of their hygienic safety.

  • PPSC Micro TEC Mop
  • MicroSicuro Mop
  • MicroSicuro Plus Mop
  • Clino MicroUltra Cloth
  • Clino MicroUltra CR Cloth

TÜV ISO 9001

Nationally and internationally, the quality management standard ISO 9001 is the most widely recognised and most significant standard in quality management (QM), For companies and organisations of all sizes, certification as per ISO 9001 creates the basis for the continuing improvement process of the company's internal quality management system (QMS). As one of the first companies in the industry, we had our QM system certified by TÜV-Süd in 1994.


We are a componay with a rich tradition - it has been a long road form "getting started" to becoming an important company in the industry.


We assume responsibility for our own actions, for our future generations, for needy children, the environment and for our region.


The Pfennig foundation addresses the interests of children and adolescents all over the world, in Germany and our region.

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