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The Pfennig Foundation

"Do good, be glad and let the sparrows whistle." (translated from Johannes Bosco)

All over the world children and adolescents are far less blessed than we. They grow up without parents and they have to suffer worse destinies. The Pfennig foundation was founded by Herbert Pfennig in 2010 and makes significant contributions for the concerns of young people and accompanies actively their interests. Paramount is the support through youth work, education and vocational training. The most important goal is a sustainble social assistance and to accompany the children for long-term periods. 

The Pfennig foundation is affiliated to the Don Bosco foundation centre and is committed to the charitable keynote of Father Don Bosco. The foundation members firmly minded the philosophy: "The best thing we can do on this world is doing good, being sad and let the sparrows whistle."

Development aid is much more than to donate money. It is about to contribute interest and awareness for the problems on this world and to ensure that the support will be in the right place at the right time. It is much more useful to support structurally weak regions that they can help themselves. The best effects have targeted development of therapy centres, health care institutions, schools and infrastructure and an own production. Donations in kinds or food can be an emergency aid especially in times of crisis, but it seems to be more sustainable - in fertile countries such as areas in West Africa - to build a manufacturing infrastructure as a rice production than the supply of rice containers.

The Pfennig foundation supports projects doing that. Above all they care about the weakest, namely children and youth, to allow them access to education, training, enlightenment and health facilities. Over the years we could accompany projects worldwide, in Germany and our region. We gladly hope that we can awake interest and are able to help any longer.

The goals of the Pfennig foundation

  • Transparency: The foundation only provides funding to projects where one resonsible person of Don Bosco is on site. Don Bosco projects can ensure this.
  • 100 per cent rule: The Pfennig foundation is careful that 100 per cent of the donated money is directly invested into the project.
  • Continuity: Projects won't be supported once. We want to accompany, to support and to build up projects for a long-term period.
  • Sustainable help: Investments in education and health of the youth generate long-term changes in all spheres of life





We have a long tradition – the long road from 1974 to becoming one of the most important companies in the industry.

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We appoint external auditors to audit both our products and our own processes and internal operating procedures for a sustainable quality.


We assume responsibility for our own actions, for the nature and for our region not to live on the costs of future generations.

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In lots of projects worldwide, in Germany or in the region the Pfennig foundation supports people who are far less blessed.