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Corporate History

For over 40 years, we've been a reliable partner

Our company has always forged its own path: since 1974 we have developed numerous pioneering innovations in the professional industrial cleaning industry. With countless developments in the area of manual cleaning, disinfection and the hygiene of sensitive areas, we are one of the most innovative companies in the industry.


The years of innovations

2015: At ContaminExpo, the Cleanroom Trade Fair in Paris, the PPS EasyMop GMP System Box receives the innovation award in the category "Equipment Operating".

2014: IPA certification for the single-use mop KING CR Wiper Mop S.

2014: Clino MultiBox with an impregnation system for cloths PlusBox: The new system with complete boxes brings numerous advantages: The entire room is used to its full extent, the filter insert of the PlusBoxes ensures a uniform distribution of the solution, thereby making the cloth impregnation process easier. The lids increase the safety and the entire trolley is given a more cleaned-up appearance.

2013: IPA certification for the King GMP and MicroSicuro CR/A mop covers.

2011: NORDIC ECOLABEL for the sustainable PPSC system textiles.

2011: System for the hygiene, disinfection and cleaning of cleanrooms EasyMop GMP – a reproducible and operator-independent system. This innovative system reduces the human factor to a minimum and therefore prohibits unintentional operating errors. The impregnation process of the mop covers is completed in an operator-independent manner and leads to a reproducible result. The additional features are the low consumption of media, the high degree of safety, ergonomic processes, and the entire system, including the mop covers, is autoclavable.

2010: La fondation Pfennig est fondé et soutenu des projets d'aide partout dans le monde, en Allemagne et dans la région.

2010: Clino STE: The most recent series manufactured by us truly represents the sum of our entire expertise. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, fully modular, ergonomically optimised and available with a comprehensive accessories programme.

2009: MicroSicuro CR/A, the further developed special mop cover for cleanroom cleaning.

2008: Clino® Protect: The system trolley with central locking system. In hygienic areas, the trend is moving towards cleaning trolleys that are completely lockable. In terms of safety, this has many advantages. In the cleaning of entrance and "heavy traffic" areas, Clino Protect is often a very welcome guest – because the system can be individually configured and designed and thereby represents a calling card for your company.

2006: Solo mobile dosing unit.

2006: SilverKing, the germ-free mop.

2002: Clino NT Line: Ergonomic handles, pull-out trays, optimised storage space, as well as legible and clearly visible work instructions were issued as a standard for the first time; this ensured that the Clino NT Line fulfilled all ergonomically relevant considerations.

2000: System for the manual, ready-to-use impregnation of mop covers – EasyMop. This approach was new in the development of the system and until this day has not lost any of this initial potential. Through its design, the EasyMop System Box also enables the contactless attachment of the mop covers. Physical contact to chemicals and cross-contaminations are thereby consistently avoided.

Expansion of business units

1999: PPS meets the highest hygienic challenges in professional industrial cleaning and begins marketing the cleaning trolley for cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry – developed in accordance with GMP requirements and certified by Fraunhofer IPA. Clino CR3.

1998: Dietmar Pfennig officially joins the company.

1998: Co-development of the ProMop System: a mechanical impregnation system for the healthcare segment.

1997: Microfibre covers and microfibre mop: Due to the existing slip-resistant tiles and anti-slip flooring it is necessary to develop an alternative to the synthetic viscose mop cover "King": Especially for this problematic flooring, PPS, as one of the very first manufacturers, introduces suitable mop covers: The product lines "Sicuro" and "MicroSicuro". 

At the same time, the microfibre cloths enjoy an unprecedented run of success. PPS is a major player in this phase.

1996: All plastic injection-moulding tools are owned by the company.

1995: Presentation of the plastic flat wringer (Ringo): The PPS system also becomes very well received outside of the healthcare segment.

1994: Opening of the new corporate headquarters in Durach. With the new headquarters located in the modern building and the on-site warehouse, the company sets new standards and merges on a new area.

1992: Due to the significant surface-cleaning properties of the first viscous microfibre "Micro King" mop covers – in combination with its unbeatable cleaning performance and the dosing option using the flat wringer – the first large-scale tests with the single-stage wiping technique are implemented. The product's success is resounding – despite a large deal of scepticism within the industry – and is turned into competitive advantages by several leading industrial cleaning companies. 

1990: Stainless steel Clino modular system: The stainless steel building block is completed: Using 3 base frames, numerous attachment parts can be used to construct practically any variant required.  

Specialisation on the health care industry


1989: Due to its run of success in hospitals, the focus in the further product development is in the healthcare segment. This decision continues to define the company, even today.

1988: The tried-and-tested Clino stainless steel flat wringer introduces the run of success of the 40 cm flat mop system. Because the mop cover remains attached to the holder during the squeezing out process, significant advantages in terms of ergonomics and time saving are achieved. 

1988: The advantages of this revolutionary system are quickly recognised, in particular in the hospital cleaning sector. In the year of market introduction, several large hospitals are equipped with the PPS system, among them the Hanover Medical School.

1987: All system trolley components can be replaced and combined through the Clino modular system.

Founding years and Clino modular system

1986: Through dissatisfaction with the purchased products, first work with the "Cleaning trolleys and mop covers" division.

1985: System 12: The first vacuum cleaner with selectable colour scheme: 144 combinations are possible.

1982: Through the acquisition of the tools from Black&Decker, who discontinued their manufacturing of vacuum cleaners, the first own product is manufactured. The "Super 18" boiler vacuum: henceforth manufactured under its own brand name.

1980: Acquisition of National Panasonic representation for industrial vacuum cleaners.

1976: Specialisation on the requirements of building cleaning companies.

In 1974, Herbert Pfennig founded the company as a company for non-food goods.

Certificates & Awards

We appoint external auditors to continually audit and certify both our products and our own processes and operating procedures.


We assume responsibility for our own actions, for future generations and for our region.


The Pfennig foundation addresses the interests of children and adolescents all over the world, in Germany and our region.