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Accepting responsibility

At PPS, sustainability plays an extremely important role. Acting in a socially responsible manner means meeting the requirements of the times while not living at the expense of future generations. For us, that means accepting the ecological, economical and social responsibility and to be a reliable partner for our customers, our children and the region.

We work and live in a region that captivates through its impressive natural beauty. That's why protecting this environment is a matter of great importance to us. Through the responsible use of resources, the development of a sustainable cleaning concept PPSC, which can save up to 58 per cent in water usage, as well as a clear commitment to environmental protection, we are able to meet our customers' needs for efficient, ergonomic, durable and sustainable cleaning systems. By installing a own photovoltaic system we again issued a statement to saving resources and environmental protection. With this system we save about 80 tons of CO2 and und we produce energy abovee the subsistence.

Beyond the scope of our corporate responsibility, PPS and its employees are focused on providing support to social institutions and projects. Within a community or a society, dealing with others in a respectful and open manner is extremely important to us. We are particularly committed to ensuring that people – and especially children – with special needs and handicaps can live in a dignified and respected manner.


Pfennig Foundation

The PPS Foundation of the Don Bosco Foundation Centre is committed to helping young, poor and socially-disadvantaged young people as well as homeless children or child soldiers throughout the world. At the forefront of their activities is the support of youth services, education and vocational training. Through the work of our foundation we have been able to help many children and will continue to do so in future. Furthermore, we also support a sports project that promotes the active integration of children with mental and physical handicaps to sports.


We are a componay with a rich tradition - it has been a long road form "getting started" to becoming an important company in the industry.

Certificates & Awards

We appoint external auditors to continually audit and certify both our products and our own processes and operating procedures. We make quality detectable.


The Pfennig foundation addresses the interests of children and adolescents all over the world, in Germany and our region.

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Saving up to 58 per cent of water with PPSC.