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Cleaning and disinfection systems for cleanrooms

In no other area are the requirements for manual surface cleaning as diverse and stringently regulated as they are in the cleaning of cleanrooms. Even the slightest impurities lead to quality infringements. For this reason, the cleaning of cleanrooms is very dependent on the quality of the products as well as the production processes. Theoretical, practical and regulatory demands determine the requirements of the materials used in cleanrooms. To understand and be aware of all of these and to supply them as part of an innovative, practical solution is our expertise. For over 20 years now, we have been working on the most demanding task that industrial cleaning can serve up.


Experience in the development of process reliable disinfection systems for cleanrooms.


Our innovative as well as intelligent solutions are state of the art in cleanroom cleaning.


Products certified by independent institutions for a hygienically safe cleanroom cleaning.


In cleanrooms, cold hard facts and regulations determine which manual system can be used. Here is what they are.

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A tried-and-tested way for the
effektive and safe cleaning.

A tried-and-tested way for the
effektive and safe cleaning.