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EasyMop GMP and CR

State-of-the-art in cleanroom cleaning

EasyMop is a closed system used for the impregnation of mop covers and offers the largest amount of process security. This is demonstrated by the fact that an incorrect use is not possible and, for example, that already contaminated mops cannot be reused. The system has been developed in such a way that a valid wetting of the mop covers is effected. Only the required amount of liquid (cleaning solution/water) is applied to the mop, meaning the cleaning is more effective and residues are reduced.

The wetting of the mop covers in the system box EasyMop GMP is based on two physical properties: gravity and the capillary effect of the microfiber. In brief: Add the required amount of liquid, turn the box and the mop covers are uniformly impregnated. The uniform distribution of the liquid is supported by the MopJump System. The system's convex design makes the contactless mop attachment much easier.

In a scientific paper, the waiting time, storage time and removal time as well as the amount of liquid required for a uniform result were determined and made available in the form of a standard operating procedure. These parameters ensure a reproducible and validatable wiping disinfection procedure.

EasyMop GMP is made of high-quality stainless steel and has been designed and certified for use in sterile areas. EasyMop CR is the plastic variant for the cleaning of cleanrooms in which no sterility is required.

The characteristics of EasyMop GMP and CR

  • Process reliability: unintended misuse is not possible
  • Reproducibility: Impregnation of the textiles is independent of operator
  • Validatability: Exhaustive series of measurements for appraisal of the disinfection performance
  • Sterility: Also tested for the GMP A/B areas 
  • Ergonomic handling and easy to learn: Self-explanatory and easy to operate system
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination: The entire work process is contactless
  • Efficiency: Significantly less consumption of medium through complete use of the prepared cleaning solution


Experience in the development of process reliable disinfection systems for cleanrooms.


Products certified by independent institutions for a hygienically safe cleanroom cleaning.


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