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Products for professional facility cleaning

Systematic solutions for industrial cleaning

Our products do not represent a random selection of trolleys, mops and cloths, but instead optimally aligned systems for the related purpose. Each requirement needs its own individual solution in order to attain the most efficient and best cleaning result and in order to stay within the prescribed budget. That's why our products have been conceived and constructed in a modular way and divided into work, service and waste areas. You can decide which sections you require as well as the size of your cleaning trolley. Due to the trolley's sectioning, we ensure that we can react to new requirements in every area or can individualise the system. In addition, you can also align your own personal colour code to all of our cleaning trolleys and components to meet your daily cleaning needs.  

Here you can view a small selection of systems for the industrial cleaning with which you can cover many requirements.

  • Clino® Protect PE8

    The stainless steel system trolley with central locking for professional industrial cleaning.

  • Clino® STEC8

    Closed appearance, open function: the system trolley for professional industrial cleaning.

  • Clino® STE6t

    For carpeted areas in which only the sanitary facilities havee to be wet-cleaned with buckets for storage space.

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Additional products such as trolley systems, mop covers and textiles for daily cleaning can be found here.

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