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Products for manual industrial cleaning

The highest premise for our products is quality. For us, this means developing sustainable products. Our systems are very robust and extremely durable, very functional, and they save resources through intelligent processes. In addition, our cleaning systems are designed to be very ergonomic, thereby eliminating the amount of strenuous activities required by the cleaning personnel.

Industrial building cleaners are trained and educated tradesmen who manufacture premium goods:
 hygiene and cleanliness. Just like every other trades person, the industrial building cleaners must use high-quality tools in order to be able to fulfil their obligations in the best quality and with the best possible results. Since we are familiar with the requirements and object-specific specialities, our cleaning technology has been conceived as a modular system for use by professionally trained employees. We develop systems – in other words a perfectly aligned concept consisting of cleaning trolleys, textiles and accessories. In order to meet the specific demands in the cleanroom area, we divide the cleanroom products into their own product overview.

Industry & Hospital

Efficient, ergonomic and premium: Our products for the hospital, daily cleaning and office cleaning.



Validatable, autoclavable, reproducible, self-explanatory, hygienic design: Our products for cleanroom cleaning.