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Clino® CR trolley systems with flat wringer Ringo GMP®

  • Clino® CR6s FP

    2-bucket system trolley with additional storage space on top.

    Articlenumber 3550200
    • Cleaning method: flat wringer Clino stainless steel with defined pressure point for uniform residual moisture 
    • Made of stainless steel suitable for clearooms

    Workingdimension (LxWxH) 67 x 54 x 102 cm
    Dimension (LxWxH) 67 x 54 x 102 cm
    Basic components Base module medium
    Stainless steel
    Special castors (100 mm) can be autoclaved
    Work sector Clino flat wringer stainless steel
    2 x 15 l bucket with stainless steel handle
    Supply 4 6-litred buckets with stainless steel handle