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Industry and Hospital

The choice of the correct working technique plays a desicive role for the manual and economical success. For instance, if the trolley is possitioned in public areas where no storage area exists, therefore a trolley with complete and lockable panel is recommended. In lots of other areas an open trolley should be preferred. Depending on which variant is recommended to your building, each of our trolley series meets all the criteria according to safety, useability, ergonomics, highest functionality and perfect space utilization.

Into our system thoughts the cleaning textiles have a prime role to play. Depending on material, processing quality and type of manufacturing mop covers are applicable for a wide range of different purposes. For every imaginable application in the manual building cleaning we have developed appropriate solutions. From abolute high-end mop with enormous cleaning performance made of top material to classic cotton mop covers. We offer you the best fitting textiles four your requirements.

As possible free of streaks and top result output: This is required and provided from microfiber cloths. Because the use of high-end cloths minimise wiping times, optimise the results and increase the efficiency. Decisive for best microfiber cloth is its structure. A high-quality microfiber consitst of a star-shaped polyester net, which acts hydropholic, and an as well star-shaped poylamid-net, which binds oil and greases. The better this fiber quality, the better the result.

Made of high-quality material, which we as well need for our mop processing, we also produce our pads for the floor cleaning. The high-quality textiles promise a good result and a fine mobility on the floor. The pads we produce optionally with or without a hole in the middle.

There is none object like the other. What is valid for the entire building, is as well valid for the rooms. There is no universal system solution for each building cleaner. Hence, flexibility plays an important role in this trade. To be able to respond flexibly and quickly to changed conditions, also depends on the trolley components. The more modular they are designed, the easier you can modify your cleaning system, equip it with new components or even redesign it, without buying a new basic module. Our accessories and attachments are completely modular and offer for every purpose a suitable selection.

A successful cleaning system also includes appropriate mop frames and handles. For floor cleaning it is decisive, that the holder is not too heavy. On the other hand a mop frame should be uniformly processed, so you can bring smooth and continuous pressure on the ground. For walls and ceilings you seize to a lighter option with an, if neccessary, shorter handle. Depending on the requirement in the buildings mop frames are variable. For each question we will be gladly to help you.

None object is similar to another. This valid to the building and the rooms. In most of the rooms you will find heavily-furnished areas, barred edges oder some hard-to-reach areas. For the cleaning of such special cases problem solver will help to make the cleaning process more efficient, easier and therefore more laid-back. We offer some of those problem solver that really should not be missing in a few buildings.