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Clino® CR trolley systems with MopFloat

  • Clino® CR1 MF-CR

    For highly sensitive areas without requirements for sterility, less space requirements with disposal.

    Articlenumber 3510060
    • Cleaning method: Results can be validated through innovative MopFloat method
    • Highest efficiency and process reliability in the single-step process
    • Individually configurable through Clino modular design system
    • ClinoLink: Cleanroom-suitable connection system for individual attachment of accessory parts
    • Precise dosing process with only about 1 % deviation
    • With disposal unit
    • Made from stainless steel suitable for cleanrooms, base frame and castors electrically conductive

    Workingdimension (LxWxH) 74 x 57 x 71 cm
    Dimension (LxWxH) 74 x 57 x 71 cm
    Basic components Base module small
    Stainless steel suitable for cleanrooms, high-end-finish
    Electrically conductive special castors (100 mm)
    Work sector MopFloat CR with set of dosing ring 250 ml
    15 l and 25 l bucket
    Disposal Unit 1 x 35 l
    5-litred plastic container

    Image shows model with accessories.