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Clino® Profi Series

  • Clino® Profi C3

    Special model for carrying up escalators and extremely uneven floors.

    Articlenumber 2093000
    • Floor cleaning: flat wringer Ringo, mop-reuse-technique, the mop is used for more wiping processes
    • Possible cleaning procedure: single- and dual-stage
    • Almost lifetime durability through stainless stell tubular frame construction
    • Rigid 250 mm wheels enable transport even in "rough terrain"
    • Delivery is fully assembled
    Workingdimension (LxWxH) 91 x 63 x 107 cm
    Dimension (LxWxH) 92 x 63 x 107 cm
    Basic components Base module medium
    Stainless steel
    Double ball-bearinged guide wheels 125 mm and 250 mm wheels at rear
    Work sector Ringo flat wringer
    15 l and 25 l bucket
    Supply 4 x 6 l bucket
    Storage tray
    Disposal -