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Mop frames and handles

  • Mop frame Clino® Synchro Hybrid

    The autoclavable mop frame made of stainless steel and technical high-performance plastics especially for clean rooms.

    • Metal wings made of high-quality and long-term stable V4A stainless steel
    • Hygienic design: easy to clean and especially for hygienically sensitive areas
    • Innovative opening mechanism: open with hand and foot
    • Symmetrical opening for easier mop pick up   
    • 100% contact surface: no mop slipping
    • Ergonomic optimized working

    Dimensions: 40 cm x 10 cm

    Weight: 475 g

    Item no.: 3500925 Clino Synchro Hybrid  

    Item no.: 3500926 Clino Synchro Hybrid with locking system Clino Connect Lock  





    Suitable for all PPS mops and stems of the series:

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