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Cleaning surfaces without leaving streaks while sparingly using chemicals, places the highest demands on the microfiber cloths. The cloths should last a long time and should consistently ensure perfect results. In order to attain this, we only use high-quality raw materials and make sure we focus on providing a very stable edge seam. The Clino MicroUltra cloth is the most premium product – its excellent ecological and application-specific aspects are proved through certification with the Nordic environmental seal.

Our universal cloths are not only a strong all-round solution for the dry and wet cleaning, but also for the cleaning of adhering contaminants. As with our Professional (Profi) series, we ensure very good quality along with a stable edge seam. The Clino microfiber cloths are suitable for both the recurring use in the industrial daily cleaning as well as for their use in impregnation processes in the healthcare industry.

In daily cleaning, glass and mirror surfaces represent a special area. On the one hand the cleaning result is important and no streaks should be left due to the wiping process, a phenomenon that most people are familiar with from their own homes. Our glass cloth cleans glass and mirror surfaces without leaving any streaks. It also cleans electronic devices and device screens. It is also perfectly suited for smooth and polished surfaces such as ceramic and stainless steel.

Each member of the cleaning crews requires standard cloths for daily use. The cloths must be suitable for both wet, moist and dry cleaning; they must also be durable and still deliver a good cleaning result. Our standard cloth is a microfiber cloth that features an attractive price-performance ratio and that delivers an outstanding quality for daily use.